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Everything about Valorant launch day

The Valorant launch day is approaching and as such Riot has prepared several events to captivate the community and show the game to the esports world, the events are:

The events will start with an interview with the Brand Manager of Valorant PT/ES/IT: Alberto Delgado, where we will have as main themes, reflections of the closed beta and post-launch plans.

Following with several discussion panels:

Discussion panel on "The specifics of a tactical shooter" with moderation by @ ghazz94 from @rtparena and participation by @fragkazac from @Fraglider, caster @BhTcsgo and @ k1ckesports @nightyzOfficial.

Discussion panel on "Authentic characters in video games, how to create them?" is another of the panels that will be presented in the activities of the 2nd of June, moderated by @AC, an ok Caster and with the participation of @impaKt, TGV and Jorge Loureiro.

Discussion panel on "Finding a place in Esports", one of the most talked about topics in the community.

It will be moderated by presenter / caster @ m0oVe, with the participation of caster @AndreMuchagata, the award-winning photographer @itsmeERROR and the player now from Valorant @mowzassa

And ending with a showmatch with participants from various quarters of the gaming communities
PHOENIX TEAM: @martakitsu, @TugaTV, @maliailena, @RicFazeres, @DaizerPT.
TEAM JETT: @MeetTheMyth, @MoraisGaming, @imdarkzone, @ JOliveira10, @BombNuker.