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Rise of Titants Open

The participation of our Valorant team started with some bad results, a difficult start with several games against the top teams of Europe, but our work and dedication starts to pay off, yesterday it gets a rating for Rise of Titans, where they are competing against equipment like Nip and Fish123 and show our value.

The qualification started with a game against the Hungarian team 
vid├ęki maffia, the more accessible team in the afternoon, we started attacking on Haven were  LionClaw gets the thumbs up by creating a lot of first bloods which allowed the team to plant in almost every round and it lead to a comfortable 13-4 result.

The next game was against the Minus149 from Russia, a game with several missfortunes, the biggest setback was our player Phatt not being able to play due to internet problems. A word of appreciation for San Alex our manager that settedup and played instead. The map was Bind and we started on the defensive side, an excellent job in the art of site retake saw foryou carry the team with a total of 30frags and 7 assists that allowed us to win game by 13-5.

The last game of the day would be against one of the strongest teams in the scene, the Akatsuk1 from Russia have participated in several tournaments and with good results something that denounced a difficult game. The map has Haven and a strong service by mowzassa allowed the team to leave a very intense game with a win.

Soon we will release more information about the main tournament so everyone can follow!