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You can play Valorant already

IT HAS ARRIVED! Valorant Update 1.0 was released.

Valorant, the new competitive game from RIOT games (same creator of League of Legends) was officially launched today (02/06), launching ahead of the excellent feedback that its closed beta had and also to take advantage of the thousands of gamers that find at home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus continuing to enjoy the hype on

Valorant is RIOT's first FPS, and it brought with it its official launch some news, improvements and corrections in the virtual world that players would have found in the test version (BETA). The first novelty is the new character REYNA, from Mexico, which brings psychic powers to the game, in addition to the new agent, the update also includes the new map designated as ASCENT which will be based in Italy which has a large open central area where two teams can face each other and use their diverse skills and that controlling the area opens up faster access to Spike's two plants.

The improvements in some characters are also an important point, Sage, Raze, Jett, Phoenix and Omen had considerable balance of powers, points that are very noticeable when playing with the characters, for example, time of powers and spells were adjusted , durability of barriers has been reduced, range of explosives reduced but power maintained, among others. Meanwhile, the game received new quality of life options and a number of improvements in performance issues.