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Mowzassa represents Portugal on Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals is the first tournament that Riot Games organizes for the community after the launch of Valorant. The competition has a $200,000 prize pool that is divided troughtout all world by regions, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Korea and America. 

Our player Tiago “Mowzassa” Rodrigues is one of the invited participants, he will be playing for the team of the known streamer Impakt, being the rest of  players: TugaTv, GarciaP and Nightyz.

Mowzassa participation begins today at 12a.m in form of round robin where they will be facing the following teams: 

Team OfficialBonkar: officialbonkar, noeldinho, rhymexp, isbittenner, yznb

Team Skyyart: Skyyart, Davidpcsgo, Azox360, solaryfortnite, Uzzzii_csgo

Team Blackelespanolito: Blackelespanolito, StarWraith, Hitboxk1ng, linepro, fitinho

Follow all the action on: